FOX Automation, s.r.o.   Automation in Industry

Our Goals

Our goals are to be entirely client partnership when meeting contract requirements. We are trying our best to build the perfect and most consistent site profile. We pay high importance to your needs and smooth coordination between our services and your business.  This means that we will positively integrate to your day by day operation routine and help you to achieve the best possible result.  All operational duties and services covered by Fox Automation are done according to the high specification and always according to the law and legislation.

We do not promise what we cannot deliver and we do not compromise any contract by irresponsible management. We are and we will be always honest with all challenges coming to us during the period of working on your site. We try to help resolve all challenges within your site even challenges which is not directly from our part.

We are a Mission-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for professional   services. Quality and consistency of our service is our state of mind. Clients are the drive of our business. Therefore, we go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy individual client’s needs.

Quality Management Statement