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Staff development

Automation means different things to different people and different organisations. Common to all, however, is the need for us and our clients to provide a healthy and effective solution. Our approach is based on processes, methods, and skilled employees. This is how we ensure that the clients receive a detailed, professional, and consistent level of quality in our services delivered. To guarantee exceptional results, every member of our teams receives individually professional training.

Fox Automation has standard operating procedures for all business areas. This approach means that our clients experience consistently excellent standards across all clients’ sites and ensure our clients trust us to deliver solution in great results.

Prior to carrying out any works, operatives are assessed in their abilities and undergo the mandatory “Certify of Competence”. All operatives are trained for safe use and the specific equipment that relates to the contracts they are working on, followed by a practical assessment to ensure safe working practices. Following an initial Health and Safety induction, all staff are expected to undergo refresher Health and Safety training on a regular basis.

Work is audited and monitored on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis to identify any additional training requirements. Additional on the job training is provided by the supervisors or on-site managers and supported by our management teams.

People Development Statement