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Our approach

Outsourcing maintenance

Firms and companies are very familiar with its core business and its management. Support activities that help them meets the targets aren’t in many cases managed optimally. In the area of ​​maintenance, it often means that their internal management of maintenance is expensive and even less performing as it should.

The basic objective of the internal maintenance manager is to ensure smooth operation of all equipment they have in place. The principle and main duties of manager is to prevent breakdowns and emergency situations by doing preventative inspections and servicing of all equipment. Maintenance management so many times falls under the manager of the company who in many cases is in charge of other divisions or processes and tasks, and thus he cannot concentrate on the management and development of maintenance divisions only.  If the company decides to deal with the high cost of maintenance divisions by outsourcing, it's not easy. Market pressure, consumers and legislation is ongoing and the impact on core business failure by inappropriate maintenance management is usually critical.

The decision, what is important to keep in-house and what to do by outsourcing solutions is very individual. Our role istohelp the client with their decision and after a comprehensive analysis suggests the most reasonable, cost-effective and productive in terms of continuity minimal risky model of outsourcing. In this step we bring not only professional, but also human approach. The success of our work is measured by customer satisfaction and by well operationally and gradually advancing service. We are trying to establish long-term partnership between our company and our clients and cooperation is based on absolute trust.

We take care of the maintenance divisions of the client and the client himself

Outsourcing of support services required complexity of technological knowledge and professional empathy, due to the diversity of clients and their corporate culture as well as infrastructure and application portfolio. So to deliver optimal quality services, we have to know the needs and environment of the client and come up with suitable solutions that meet their expectations.

In the first phase of analysis and design optimal solutions for each client individually, where we contributes in the field of infrastructure architecture and operative standards, in the second phase of service development and testing of possible procedures, where we provides support tools for technical and implementation team until the full implementation of services where we collaborate on definition of individual roles to support the process and change management up to the final design of reports.

This approach can guarantee a smooth transition of service and implementation of outsourcing - operation and support implementation services to clients and avoid misunderstandings and confrontations.

Ability to respond to changes and regularly improve

The essence of our work is the state that on the end of the project, we implement and manage operation and maintenance support services that supports manufacturing processes of the client organization. Implementation of all services and procedures are however also a qualitative input to the process inside the client's environment, so both parties must be able to manage changes which comes. For this fact our organization is ready and we are able to successfully manage change.

As a key factor we consider proactive approach based on the principle of Continual Service Improvement. We regularly evaluate the operational condition of maintenance divisions and proactively propose improvements and changes for the future. Here we are getting irreplaceable help by support tools for service management. Come up with something negative such as point of weaknesses to the client’s means to highlight and implement changes, optimize processes and procedures and find effective solution to resolve the weaknesses.

This approach is possible only if both, we and the client operates and cooperate in mutual trust and addressing vulnerabilities is not seen or understand as a problem but room for improvement. In this kind of cooperation and relationship between us client know and is assured, that we care about him and we know how his working environment works.

Innovation / Technology

New trends and innovations within the maintenance divisions we watch and reviewing internally by our technical and management team. Our management and technical teams are searching for new products, solutions and support process. We try to share experiences with professionals in the market and we want to know how new technologies, processes, work and what they means.  So prepared, we offer and introduce products and solutions: support tools for maintenance management, tools for maintenance operations, essential procedural infrastructure (reports, analyzes, processes, management, planning, etc.).

In most cases, it is more favorable for the client, if applied technologies or innovations "do not load" as a property in the form of licenses acquired and paid maintenance. Therefore we offer innovations and new products within our outsourcing service continually while serving the client. All innovation or products found by our team are fully introduce, reviewed and discussed with the client to find optimal way of application and share of cost or expenses.

We recognize that technological innovation helps us or client only if it is properly used. Especially support tools for maintenance management is not enough to introduce or apply only, they must be set to optimize processes and serve as they should. Typical examples include SLA, KPI, TPM, classifications, and many other parameters and support tools. It is a huge job for us, of course in cooperation with the client, but if it’s well-managed, is bearing fruit. Neglecting this activity has fatal consequences for the quality of maintenance management. The above mentioned tools we monitor, evaluate and constantly improving and in the case of introducing changes we oversee how the change took place.

Our team

We are building a team of professionals, sheering the same values ​​and goals of the company to ensure that client requests are perceived as well. A team of professionals who understand each other in both, professional and technical level. Concentration of professionals and their daily reactive and proactive work is what we strive to get trust of the clients. Our company ensures that clients receive a detailed, professional and consistent level of quality trained professionals. Our approach is based on the processes, methods and skilled employees; we take care of the development and promotion of staff providing technical support and training for each individual job. Our work does not end with the conclusion of the project or process. There begins.