FOX Automation, s.r.o.   Automation in Industry

About Us

Our organization ware established in 2010 and is privately owned run business based in Slovakia. We are more than committed of delivering professional services and consistent and supportive client services in international as well as nationwide to both the industrial and automotive sector.

Our service includes a comprehensive client agreement of agreed specifications to assess the most appropriate options for each business site individually, considering Health & Safety and security at all times. Our operational activity will be and are always based on client’s requirements as identified by the service agreement and needs and can include the following services:
  • Automation
  • Systems Integration
  • The integration of automated production lines
  • Visualization of technological process
  • Robotic post installation service
  • Supplier of electrical services in automation business and production
  • Maintenance, support, post implementation service
  • Professional training
Our Approach

We do and deliver what we had promised nothing less. We working in the partnership with all clients and improving our service constantly. The smooth coordination’s between our services and clients’ needs and procedures are very important to us. We closely communicate, work and act with all clients individually and make our work systems, procedures and policy consistent with the clients. This will enable us to provide as smooth and professional service as possible to each client’s individually.