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Reasons to use our service

At first glance, it seems counterintuitive that the company will outsource highly visible and important services. But once you look at all the things company must do to handle in-house service (and keep it constantly), it is more obvious why many companies turn for outsourcing services compared to operation in-house.

If the service is provided in-house, the company must:
  • Find qualified employees
  • Provide for employee training and development
  • Provide employee physical working environment
  • Provide necessary technological objects (tools, phone, internet access,      copy machine, etc.)
  • Existing telecommunication and other costs (telephone line fee, travel expenses etc.)
  • Implementation and realization of job interviews
  • Complete payroll and personnel agenda for internal staff
  • Solving everyday operational, administrative and communicative queries
  • Provide solution and support to the internal employees needs

Maintenance services that are normally continuous require continuous coverage, special resources, and management response. This step is necessary because the reactions are generated at random by external forces, rather than internal, management plan. Services of this type require cover for the absence of primary sources as well as higher costs.

For example:
  • Schedule time off - vacation
  • Planning cover on sickness
  • Planning cover on family-related leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Doctor visit
  • Etc ...