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Outsourcing of In-House Maintenance divisions

Our company specializes in outsourcing of support services for maintenance divisions for industrial and automotive parks. We provide trained professionals for division’s Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering as well as the Technical operators of robotized lines and Programing engineers. Individual work teams are professionally selected, trained and fully integrated into the client's environment under the SLA.

We provide and implement support solutions for Maintenance divisions and we generally have much skilled and experienced workers. Our company take the ownership of the daily problems of your maintenance divisions and client can fully concentrate to their main business and focus on their main activity of the organization.  The cost of maintenance division to the client is generally lower while using our specialized support services.

The main reason for outsourcing, in-house maintenance division is to improve the main activities of your company. Our company benefits from the fact that we provide that service to multiple clients. We can optimize the cost of labour, use of funds and we are trying to implement new technologies to our solutions which can work efficiently and to which individual companies would not invest in alone. So by outsourcing your company gains expertise, reducing costs and reducing operational costs.
Advantages of our outsourcing of maintenance.
  • Client orientation on key business venture
  • Sharing risk
  • Release client resources for other use,
  • Regular and predictable cost to client, cash-flow planning
  • Higher quality and time savings
  • Increased efficiency and productivity,
  • Reduced labor and overhead costs by up to 40%.

If you want to get your organization to maintain a competitive edge, focus on core competencies and use of the latest technology, then our company can help your organization achieve all this and more. Advantages of outsourcing far outweigh the disadvantages. Many organizations around the world have made the choice of outsourcing and experienced the benefits offered.