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Integration of automated production lines

We provide a complete integration solution with a professional approach. We supply equipment to meet your production facility needs, top systems or more complex upgrade of your existing equipment or fully integrated new production unit. To achieve the best possible result and solution delivery we do as follows:
  • Studying the current process - Locate, study and document the existing production methods to acquire understanding of the current process
  • Characterizing the new process  - The client writes up a document describing the desired process, in terms of output, products and work schedules
  • Developing a solution and concept presentation - The development process of an automated system that meets all the clients’ requirements as described in requirement document
  • Getting the clients approval - Presenting the concept and getting the client’s approval to start the new system’s production and assembly process
  • Certifying the process - Assembling the system at and carrying out a full test run. Getting the client’s go-ahead to install the system
  • Installing the system at the customer’s site - Assembling the new system on the clients’ site and giving comprehensive training to the client’s employees on how to use it
  • Warrantee and service – We provides a manufacturer’s guarantee on all systems and will make on-site service as needed by the client